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Recently, I got asked a question on one of the calls that sparked my interest.

Tons of experts are talking about How to launch a product onto the market. But what about services?

“How do you develop, perfect & launch a new service?”

The question triggered me, because I am in the middle of launching a few new services.

But here is the thing:

My new services aren’t launched yet, but have all been thoroughly tested already. How? Read on… 👇

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I am an introvert. My special superpower is preparation. But how do you prepare a service without launching it onto the market?

Here is my whole process:


Let me start by saying: I improve my services in iterations. So I basically treat my services as any tech company would treat their products. I have development sprints, I have test sessions, and I alpha and beta test my services.

I am lucky that my business has “dead periods” where I can take a break. Take the summer, where most European companies are on “vacation or Greek time”, as well as end of December and early January where U.S clients are nowhere to be found.

I use those period to relax, reassess, and plan for the future. This is where my development begins.

I examine notes from my current work and past workshops, and figure out what can be improved or where my clients need my help.

Let’s say a client I am working with had a challenge and together we solved that challenge. Documenting that process helps me create a new mental model, a new workshop, or another service.

From there, I start working. I think about mental models, exercises and workshops. At this stage I mostly think about how we can get to the answers faster, how the models can provide more value to clients, how they would work for my clients.

I spend my days thinking behind the desk, thinking while walking in the nature, thinking while cooking. All with one intention. To create the best product possible.

Next, I sketch things out. Share that with friends & advisors, talk through the models with them and try to get expert opinions on the newly updated products.

This makes sure I don’t miss anything important + improve my work by getting an outside-in perspective.

When I am happy with the new flows, it’s time to test the new services.

I start one of two ways, depending on the product.

1) I present the service to one of my clients and get their consent to execute.

2) I sell the workshop to one of the startup accelerators / incubators that often work with me.

Group and client workshops are integral in helping me improve not just my products, but skills as well. During the workshops I put extra effort in checking whether the attendees got the results they needed, did they understand the concepts, what questions & objections they had.

This helps me fill any gaps I might have forgotten in the design phase, and helps bridge any knowledge gaps I didn’t notice before.

Usually, a new service will go through a rigorous testing period.

During the first tests (often conducted in my local environment), show what kind of content I need to add / remove (alpha testing).

With secondary tests making sure there aren’t any exemptions, for example companies that wouldn’t get results with the new frameworks. (beta testing).

After 6-8 workshops, the service gets presented to the market using slide decks, LinkedIn posts, or through calls to past and potential clients.

The latest service I offered onto the market is The Complete Brand Strategy – A complete set of positioning strategy + visuals to maximize your product’s potential.

For this one, I am not alone (because I can’t create visuals to save my life), and have joined forces with Alja Berlot, a professionally trained and tech-approved designer.

The Brand Strategy is designed to help you connect with your ideal customers, get leads to choose you over your competitors, and tell a consistent story across all digital channels.

Interested? Send me an email and let’s talk about building your brand.

As always, may your customers love you and understand your products.

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