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This newsletter is for you, if:

  • Your marketing isn’t working,
  • leads cost you too much money,
  • the conversions aren’t happening.

I get it.

There are so many open fronts it’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. You know you should be improving something, but don’t know exactly where to start or what to focus on.

Which is why I help tech founders by sharing knowledge on marketing & positioning so they can achieve product-market fit and 🚀 their growth.

🏹 Results require focus and clear messaging

The goal of the newsletter is to empower tech startups who want to use crystal clear messaging to lower the cost of user acquisition and improve their conversion rates.

What to expect?

Every week on a Saturday, you will receive an article + video on the following topics:

Startup marketing

There is way too much poor advice out there. How to choose the right marketing approach, the right strategies depending on the stage your company is in? I'll try and help you make up your mind on what your next step should be.

Product-market fit

Practical advice on how to position your company or product, coupled with personal stories to back that advice and help you get crystal clear on who you are selling to, what you are selling and what to say to attract the right audience.

Why we buy

It's so important to understand our customers and why they buy or don't buy your products. In the newsletter, I'll take a deep dive into psychology frameworks, what works and why, so you can improve your marketing & sales KPIs.

No BS, just:

– Practical advice,
– Stories you can learn from
– Frameworks you can use

to find product-market fit and grow your company.

Saved our startup
"Andrej was an amazing consultant and guide throughout our process of optimizing the retention rates in our product. Initially, we thought we had a retention problem, but Andrej helped us identify the root cause for this problem, and offered a framework and strategies how to start fixing this. I would even say that he could have potentially saved our startup. He is driven by his passion for helping startups and companies. He was always proactive and available when needed. We are definitely planning to work with him in the future."
Founder, Elia