Andrej Persolja – Positioning expert

Taking your tech startup to

product-market fit

01. overview


Experiencing slow growth?

I help tech startups eliminate crucial positioning problems that prevent them from growing a sustainable company.

02. The challenges

Experiencing these symptoms?

Poor positioning is like an anchor holding you back. It hurts your marketing efforts, it stalls your sales, and cripples your growth. It often shows up as a marketing or a sales problem, but if you dig deep, here are the symptoms you will find.

Poor conversions

Your company has a long sales process and low conversion rates.

Price objections

Potential clients often tell you your prices are too high.

Poor understanding

You have clients who love you, but new leads don’t understand what you do.


You have high product churn – customer are leaving you.

Poor activation

Users don't engage with your product or leave in the onboarding.

Poor engagement

People don't engage with your social media posts. Your posts get small amount of likes or comments.

03. the solution

The 3-step process to growth

I can’t offer you a one-stop price upfront kind of service. Just like you are unique, so is your company. So if you want a generic approach, close the site now. What I offer is to use all my skills & experience to focus on solving your problem. Here is how it works:


We start by examining the problem. You give me access to any data that’s relevant to the problem and I start looking for potential clues that will help us find the root of the issue. We define how success will look like in numbers.


After examining the problem, I list possible causes and solutions that we need to test. I can deliver the solutions through design sprints + a positioning document.What you get is an actionable strategy that you can start implementing IMMEDIATELY.


We analyze the results and see whether the problem is fixed. If not, we repeat the process. Analyze the data, come up with additional tests. If the problem is fixed the results will show in improved KPI numbers that we defined in step two, allowing you to grow.

I help you nail your positioning!

Nailing your positioning shows almost immediately. Your cost of user acquisition goes down, your activation improves, your leads start to respond to what you are telling them. Here are some of the numbers I helped improve in the past.

04. The results

Life after repositioning

Imagine you knew exactly what to say to a lead, what to write in an email, what to post on your social media to attract and convert users into paying clients.


This is how positioning feels like. It’s like an invisible force pushing you forward, helping you scale.

Nett revenue increase
+ 0 %
Cost of user acquisition
- 100 %
Improved conversions
+ 0 %
Average open rate
+ 0 %
Average validation rate
+ 0 %
Click-through rate
+ 0 %

KOBI Case Study

Check out the process and the results

05. how I help

Integration into your team

Here is how I can step into your team, depending on your company needs:

Long-term collaboration

Fractional CMO

When you don't have an experienced marketing lead, your performance will suffer. I come into the company, bringing in battle-tested strategies and leadership. I craft & oversee strategies to acquire, convert, and retain users.

In-out project

Positioning Project

When you are experiencing stagnant growth and need to revise your strategy, I can help with a one-time positioning project. During the project I create a full audit of the current efforts, together, we come up with solutions, and at the end you receive a roadmap for your team to implement, resulting in company growth.

1:1 consulting


When you are a CEO or startup founder and need someone experienced to talk things through on a regular basis, I am there for you. Together we set up weekly meetings, making sure your company stays on the winning path and you get a sparring partner you deserve.

06. testimonials

Happy customers

07. contact

Let’s talk about your project

Let’s talk about how the process would look like for your team and figure out how we can Nail Your Positioning!

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