Your Positioning Authority is: LOW

Looks like your positioning needs quite a bit of work.

I have sent the results to the email you provided. In the meantime, check the video below for more information on how to start making long-term gains.


Positioning Authority

Your Positioning Authority is: Low

Looks like your positioning still needs some work. Watch the video, start making long-term gains and unlock the backdoor to your success.

Positioning Authority is measured across 6 categories:


Measures how well you know your customers and their needs & wants.


Measures how well you have your competitive landscape figured out.


Measures how different you are from all of the available alternatives out there.


Measures how fast and how well you can communicate your value to the customer.


]Measures what type and how competitive your market is.


Measures how relevant you are staying using trends.

Positioning Authority Stages

Positioning Authority Stages

Poor Positioning Symptoms

Poor positioning is like an anchor holding you back. It hurts your marketing efforts, it stalls your sales, and cripples your growth. It often shows up as a marketing or a sales problem, but if you dig deep, here are the symptoms you will find.

Poor conversions

Your company has a long sales process and low conversion rates.

Price objections

Potential clients often tell you your prices are too high.

Poor understanding

You have clients who love you, but new leads don’t understand what you do.


Your have high product churn – customer are leaving you.

Poor activation

Users don't engage with your product or leave in the onboarding.

Poor engagement

People don't engage with your social media posts. Your posts get small amount of likes or comments.

I help you nail your positioning!

The offer

Positioning Workshop

Get a full scale proprietary positioning workshop for your team.
$ 4800
  • Full audit
  • Full 4-hour interactive workshop
  • Actionable tasks
  • 1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Get everything in the audit + an hour of consulting on your positioning. During the call we go over your results from the Positioning Authority tool, I present some additional data following the analysis of your channels (website, social media channels,...), and we talk about how you can use the newly-found knowledge to improve your position and kick-start your growth!
$ 390
  • Full audit
  • Results analytics
  • Actionable tasks
  • 1:1 Coaching


An audit of your product or service, based on your results. I check your results, channels website and give you tasks to improve your positioning.
$ 290
  • Full audit
  • Results analytics
  • Actionable tasks