Positioning Authority Checker

A simple guide to determining your positioning focus.

Positioning problems can be hard to pinpoint

Your marketing isn’t working, leads cost you too much money, the conversions aren’t happening.

I get it.

There are so many open fronts it’s difficult to pinpoint where exactly the problem is. You know you should be improving something, but don’t know exactly where to start or what to focus on.

Product-market fit requires focus and clear messaging

The positioning checker tool was created as an assessment tool so you can get an idea on where your positioning lacks focus.

The goal is to empower companies who want to improve their product-market fit to lower the cost of user acquisition and improve their conversion rates.

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Answer honestly, your brand’s future depends on in.

Positioning Authority

Positioning Authority is measured across 6 categories:


Measures how well you know your customers and their needs & wants.


Measures how well you have your competitive landscape figured out.


Measures how different you are from all of the available alternatives out there.


Measures how fast and how well you can communicate your value to the customer.


]Measures what type and how competitive your market is.


Measures how relevant you are staying using trends.

The results tell you in which categories you excel and which require more attention and what to do about it.